Bangor Tiger

Amine river drivers were the best in the world at the turn of the last century. Some were known as the Bangor Tigers. They were the best of the best when times were tough and the men were tougher. Our Bangor Tiger IPA is a true American-Style IPA with all the bold characteristics and a whirlpool of hop additions that defines such. Our Tiger India Pale Ale pays tribute to the memory of the Bangor Tigers and all the men and women who continue to make their living in the Maine forestry industry.

Style American-Style India Pale Ale
Malt Profile 2-row, Crystal 15, Crystal 30, Wheat
Hop Profile Chinook, Columbus, Falconer’s Flight
Stats OG:1.067 FG:1.012 ABV:6.5%  IBU:82
Pairs Well With Boneless Wings, Spicy foods, Steak
Bangor Tiger

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